BIS2B Introduction to Biology: Principles of Ecology & Evolution: Introduction to basic principles of ecology and evolutionary biology, focusing on the fundamental mechanisms that generate and maintain biological diversity across scales ranging from molecules and genes to global processes and patterns. Offered every quarter.

PLB/PLS 102 California Floristics: Survey of the California flora, emphasizing recognition of important plant families and genera and use of taxonomic keys to identify species. Phylogenetic relationships among families. Principles of systematics and taxonomy. Two Saturday field trips. Offered Spring Quarter every year.

EVE/PLB 108 Systematics & Evolution of Angiosperms: Diversity and classification of angiosperms (flowering plants) on a world scale, and current understanding of the origin of angiosperms and evolutionary relationships and trends within them based on morphological and molecular evidence. Offered Spring Quarter every year.

PLS 141 Ethnobotany: Relationships and interactions between plants and people, including human perceptions, management, and uses of plants, influences of plants on human cultures, and effects of human activity on plant ecology and evolution. Concepts, questions, methods, and ethical considerations in ethnobotanical research. Offered Winter quarter every year.

PBI 200A Genetics and Evolution: The first of three Plant Biology Graduate Group graduate core courses. Coverage includes (1) plant genes, (2) biotechnology, (3) genomes and gene flow, (4) principles of plant systematics, and (5) the evolution of flowering plants. Dan Potter teaches the section on the evolution of flowering plants. Offered Fall Quarter every year.