Current projects:

Conservation genomics of Fremontodendron californicum, F. decumbens, and F. mexicanum. We are funded through the California Conservation Genomics Project (link to: to collect full genome sequences from 150 individual plants in these 3 species across California. F. californicum is widespread in the California Floristic Province (CFP) and the closely related F. decumbens, and F. mexicanum are rare endemics. This work will help understand genomic variation in the CFP as well as answer questions about hybridization and speciation in Fremontodendron.

Ongoing Projects:

Phylogenetics of the genus Juncus, Juncaceae. Reed is working to resolve subgeneric clades in the genus Juncus using a variety of nuclear and chloroplast genetic markers with the goal of revising the subgeneric classification of Juncus to reflect evolutionary history. Currently there are several small South American genera of cushion plants nested within Juncus. A new subgeneric classification of Juncus will hope to resolve with issue as well as resovle the clades within Juncus.